Monday, February 06, 2006

Technological breakthroughs

Just finished fixing the jackplugs on my laptop's charger lead which had come un-soldered. Soldering is something I do so rarely, for me it is a bit of a hit/miss affair. This time I seem to have done a better job than usual.

I've been looking at roaming Sim cards at
They seem to have a solution for staying in touch whilst abroad without spending a fortune with a UK SIM on calls, or buying a new SIM for each country. Only drawback is that data for my GSM card is not offered. V0d@f0ne charge over 10 quid a MB so I shan't be using that abroad. Haven't look into wifi hot spots yet, though no doubt that, or internet cafes will suffice for our internet use.

Whilst we are on about technology, I've decided that my Marin Attack Trail is coming along on our trip, taking preference over my Surly CrossCheck. Even though it is not my usual first choice bike, it is certainly the bike for big thrills when the terrain will allow it. Ann's taking her bike a Giant cyclo cross bike, Skye her trailer bike (her forthcoming birthday present) and Tom his Burley trailer.

We like bikes.


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