Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Motorhome - Old or New ?

This weekend gone, we visited a number of Motorhome dealers with a view to deciding exactly which layout we would like for our forthcoming acommodation.

Previous visits to dealers had suggested that a rear kitchen type layout and a 4/5 berth would do the trick. This time though we gave a little more thought to the need for storage of our bikes and the kid's toys and concluded that something a bit larger, with a garage would be better.

The term garage is somewhat misleading really, think 1 by 1 metre times the width of the camper, basically room for the bikes out of sight of prying eyes.

Look at the pic below at the rear.
..and here is a front view while we're on the subject

The model is called the Autoroller Garage made by www.rollerteam.it part of the Trigano group.

Quite clever really, as above the garage is a double bed.

Our original budget was for 10 - 15K, which we thought should locate a reasonable secondhand vehicle, though it seems that the campers with garages are not that common, especially in the UK. On the continent they are not so uncommon and even though they are more than the £15K, they are available in Germany, so much cheaper than over here.

Now I know the quality of the fittings will not be as good as the more expensive motorhomes, yet I'd much prefer a new or very nearly new import. to the 11 year old Hymer with 110K miles on the clock that the dealer had £16,500 on last Saturday.

If there is time at the weekend we'll try to look at one at a dealer over here


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