Monday, October 23, 2006

Dusk 'til Dawn on a New Bike

Two days now since the end of Dusk til Dawn organised by

12 hours of mountain bike racing, starting at 7pm, and finshing at 7am. The course, pleasantly undulating, and of all the UK endurance races, arguably the best suited for a fixed gear bike. Certainly no hills worthy of mention, just plenty of lovely singletrack.

I'd picked up my new 29er from Brant on Thursday, courtesy of Brant at , and I'm sure you'll agree it looks rather nice.

The bike rode really well, though I must warn that the best part of 100 miles on a bike is not the place to ascertain if a bike fits just right.

I shall be getting a slightly shorter stem forthwith, to compensate for my slightly unorthodox riding style.

For the record I managed 11 laps and 45th for solo men. Should have been able to do another couple of laps. Maybe riding round the course earlier in the day with Skye on her tag-along exhausted me :')

Congratulations to Brant and family on the birth of their baby boy.

Must go, more later......


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