Saturday, February 25, 2006

Getting to Hilton (Nr Derby), or getting to anywhere new .....

Getting to the Motorhome dealers today made me think of our Sat.Nav. plans for our trip.

Now whilst our navigation with a map whilst driving is fairly good, it has also been known to cause more than the occasional argument. This I believe to be a genetic trait. Anyway today was no different, though unusually amicable.

I've been trying to work out for the last couple of weeks what is for us, the best affordable GPS based navigation system. The main choice was, a standalone GPS or a PDA based system.
As you do, I spent ages reading the alleged pros and cons of numerous systems before deciding that either approach was equally valid. Pricewise they are similar so I've opted for the PDA system.

Ebay last night was kind enough to provide a Bluetooth GPS and Navteq software for the whole of Europe for under £80. So once I find a Dell Axim X30 or X50 at the right price, there should be no more arguments.

Oh, and with the PDA's wifi and bluetooth we'll be able to use it as internet browser and allow it to send stuff via the phone to this blog. Costly but cool.


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