Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday

Altogether now "Happy birthday to you...."

As you might have guessed it is my Birthday today, and where better to spend it than in the sunshine. We´re staying at a gaudy little spa town called Baños de Fortuna not far from Murcia, think Harrogate or Buxton on acid ?

Since my last entry some time ago we first went to Sitges, just south of Barcelona which was a good deal more pleasant than the Costa Brava that we had previously visited. We spent a couple of days there, did a bit of cycling, and a bit of sightseeing.

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Then on to a rather nice campsite for a week at Villagordo del Cabriel (near Utiel). The campsite should have been idyllic, a reconstructed hamlet made up the facility buildings, set alone in some small hills and near a large lake. The detraction was that less than 500 metres away was being constructed the new high speed railway from , so week time there was loads of construction traffic passing by. Certainly not complaining though, as it´s situation was good with plenty of places to visit nearby. Load of beautiful castles, and limestone cliffs. Google for Alarcón, Alcala del jucar etc.

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Worthy of mention also is the fact that most Spanish villages that we´ve visited have absolutely no warning signs that the wide enough streets suddenly turn into very narrow streets. These are either very difficult to drive a campervan down, think low overhanging balconies, sticky out bits etc. or just impassable, necessitating reversing all the way back out you came. I´ve already managed to add a couple of minor war scars to our van. Oh well.

Yesterday we briefly visited Cuenca, a hilltop town which we´d intended to return to today, though the nearby campsite was closed for the winter, so plan B was to drive south, to our current destination.

The kids are well. Though Ann by mistake put some "sour apple juice" in the kids bottles half way through last night. Skye complained vociferously this morning. Turns out the juice was the carton of house white that was left out on the side after cooking supper.

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At 1:20 pm, Anonymous terrahawk said...

Sitges is a lovely place. Fantastic beach.
Watch out for the saucy-looking women though. Most of em are blokes!

At 12:53 am, Blogger Richard said...

Hi Jase,off season, no lookers, I'm afraid.

At 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI there richpip et al.

sounds like you're having fun.

andy c

At 3:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for Monday gone Rich.

We're riding out from Hayfield this Saturday if you're interested?....suit yourself!

Been to Sitges, nice town and 15 mins on the train to Barcelona.

If you're heading south, check out El Chorro
I used to climb there and it's beautiful.

Have fun.


At 5:22 pm, Blogger Richard said...

Hi Stu, good to hear from you, hope you and the family are well.


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