Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting back into the riding and running.

I did go out riding on Sunday over in the Clywds with Dave Debs, Stu and others, and in spite of my complete lack of fitness, quite enjoyed the 3+ hours we were out. The only thing that was weird, was riding in the rain, after the long hot spell. Debs' fine cakes were excellent as usual. Notably, we encountered quite a lot of pretty girls out on their mountain bikes too along the way.
Originally I'd thought that after the ride, I'd nip back via Llandegla, do a loop there, and then head back. But do be honest I was knackered, so I didn't.

I was suppose do be out riding in Delamere on Monday night, but went for one of those 10 minute snoozes 40 mins before setting off, and woke up an hour and a half after. Whoops.

Today Ann and I went for a 45 minute run, up and down to South Head (towards the Roych), notable additions, are a couple of massive rocks that have been dumped, presumably to stop the 4 wheel drive boys. Hopefully these should make good jumps on the bike, looks like someone has started building them up already. I'll take the Bullit up for a look.

Looking forward to going out riding again with some mates from Wetherby way in the next couple of weeks that I haven't ridden regularly with for a long while. Nice riding, company, and good beer after too.

Running again tomorrow, and biking as well. I haven't lost an ounce in the last week. Though I'm just glad to be back out there doing stuff really.


At 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ann & Richard,

I have lots to chat about if only I can get a contact no. If you give me a call I will ring u back. My phone no is 0207 7382650 or 07842 187 441. Also I need to now where to send the card.....Now that you are gypsies.

Great news about the house in Poitier.

I am an auntie now as Damien has a son with a big Mediterranean nose.

Love to youse and skye, thomas.



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