Thursday, February 01, 2007

We're back. and cycling.

Back in the UK.

Eastern Europe was mostly shut, cold and grey, so we've headed back here.

Had a mosy along the South coast, Cornwall, S.Wales etc. on the way north. Skye particularly enjoyed riding round Afan. 2.5 hrs on her tag-along, pretty good for a 4 year old.

Our excuse for returning to the UK, if we needed one was to celebrate Tom's 2nd birthday party (which was ace).

Of course since we've arrived back in the UK, it's dumped with snow back in the Alps. So we'll be heading back to the Alps this weekend for some Snowsport action. along with Ann's parents.

When we get back I've got a Coast to Coast there and back planned on the Surly. Fixed of course, though with a flip flop hobble gear to use, lest it goes pear shaped. Maybe I'll do a non stop effort, though I'm taking some some accomodation should it be needed. I can't say I'm that fit at the moment, though I've something special endurance wise planned for next year on the bike, so a bit of body abuse is in order I think.

Speaking of bikes, I've bought a carbon Scott scale frame, that I'll build up soonish. I fancy a change from the Bulitt.


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