Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mega Avalanche Race 2007. Ouch.

Wow, Whoooo, Whoopee, Whoa and Ouch.

5 words that sum up hurtling down hills near Alpe D'Huez from a non "downhill" guy.

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We spent an ace week in Allemont camping at the "Grande Calme". Met loads of nice peeps, French, Dutch, German, and even some Brits.

The riding was mad. I'm used to sore legs and lungs, not sore hands from braking.

I met and rode with some guys who were well out of my league. Good to learn loads of new technique, that is for the brief while I could stay with them boys. I crashed a few times, maybe 8/10 for effort, thankfully pads and the full face helmet saved most of the blood letting. Sadly Neil we met on evening one had broke his collar bone by afternoon two. There were plenty of other casualties too over the week. Glad to have paid for helicopter insurance, even if on this occasion I did not need it.

The qualifing race was good, I took it easy not aiming for a high place, just aiming to get to the end.

Race day, and a start of 8:30 onwards meant a leisurely start compared to the fast boys. The glacier was slushy and rutted at the top. Nothing for it, than to pick a line and to lob oneself down the hill. Avoiding the other (over) enthusiastic riders being the key.

Proper rocky stuff follows then, singletrack, grassy stuff, wet stuff, etc etc zzzzzz.

Hurtling down a grassy slope, tarmac in view, a small "hazard" sign shows. I've ridden this before, but can't remember what might be the hazard, then, crash. I'd scrubbed a bit of speed, though not enough to stop for the 2 foot deep ditch, and yet not enough speed left to jump it. Straight over the bars, landing on my shoulder (armour) and soon after full face helmet.
The crowd goes Oooh.

Up, check, unharmed, and I'm off again.

Raced as hard as I could to the bottom.

8th out of 30 odd in the Mega Infinty for the over 40s


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nice one Rich, sounds like a lot of fun!!

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Well done Rich, thats a great result!!


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