Monday, August 06, 2007

The muddy Selkirk Merida

The overnight rain didn't bode well. Sure enough the morning arrived, and there were puddles everywhere in the field.

Off at 10am, along the road for the first few miles, before the route headed upwards off road. I'd set off middlish in the field so plenty of bottlenecks, but at the end of the day the event was not a race, more a mountain bike audax.

Once the field spread out a bit the Scandal made light work of the conditions underfoot. Surefooted even on the proper slippery bits.
There were 4 main climbs, which though not particularly steep, left few opportunities for rest on the way up. Thankfully the descents were not to steep either, so I could spin down with out too much braking.

A good event, with the most amusing bit being me and Terrahawk on his SS trying to, and catching up with some guys on the black descent at Innerleithen whilst managing to drop a guy on his Heckler. He'd been ribbing us about the disadvantage of not having gears and suspension.

6:45, 88 KM, 2900 metres of climbing, a tough ride on the fixie.


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