Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chunal, Snake Pass, Winnats, Chinley Head

James aka Crazy-Legs texted me today to suggest we might go out on the road bikes this evening for a short ride. I texted him back to suggest we might head over the Snake Pass, taking advantage of the fact that it is currently closed to traffic. Not the short ride he had in mind, but he couldn't resist.

It was a great ride in spite of the cold,wind and drizzle.

55Km, and just short of 1300 metres of climbing, a good workout.

My new bike is ace.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Runner or Cyclist ?

Nearing the end of the month, and I have run as many times as I have been out on the bike.

The initial plan was to get in a little cross training, running up some hills of which there are plenty round here. After the first couple of inevitably painful runs, I've enjoyed the immediacy of chucking on some running shoes and heading straight out without the faff of organising a bike and accompanying accessories.

Into the hills visiting footpaths that are new has been great. Of course when you get back, there's no cleaning and maintenance required, just throw the Walshes in the corner until next time.

Yesterday a clockwise loop round the Kinder Horseshoe ~ 19Km and a couple of hours, fantastic.

Though my legs were proper sore at the end.

Kinder Horseshoe

However, Dear reader cycling is not forsaken.

How could it be Mr Amtrak brought this round today.

A Planet X Carbon Superlight Ultegra equipped speed machine.

Planet X Carbon Superlight

Planet X Carbon Superlight

I guess I might be out on the road bike tomorrow......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strathpuffer 2008 the aftermath


I was smiling, it was early in the race, or I was chatting to a pretty girl , of which there were many.

The rest of the race did not go to plan,some details elsewhere

Next year of course.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting ready for the Strathpuffer 24 hour Mountain Bike Race

This time tomorrow I'll hopefully be most of the 400+ miles up the road towards Strathpeffer, where on Saturday morning at 10 am will be the start of the Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race.

I'll be doing the solo event race number 49, live streamed results can be found at .

I've started packing, and already have covered the dining room table.

Starthpuffer gear

Ice tyres, mud tyres, 3 full sets of waterproofs, 5 pairs of waterproof gloves, 8 pairs of padded shorts, hats, waterproof socks, gels, tools, tubes etc etc.

For lights I'll be using a Dinotte 600L on the bars, and a 200L on the helmet. 7 Lithium Ion batteries should see me through the 18 hours of darkness. Somewhat different to the 18 hours of sunlight in the summer 24 hour events.

Dinotte Lights

Anyway back to the packing, lots more to do.

Thanks to Stu for loaning his Dirt Worker, and Andy Champion for his Gazebo.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Excercise resumed

The shoulder is loads better now. I manged a couple of hours out on the bike on New Years eve. Then a run up Lantern Pike on New Years Day.

Great to be out and about again.

Hope you all have a good New Year.