Thursday, August 24, 2006

Surely not....

It looks like we are now working towards a completion date of September the 8th. Of course, given the delays so far I am not exactly ecstatic, more like "yeah, whatever". Anyway, it appears we'll be moving soon.

We've started to look again at motorhomes, though the dealers we visited yesterday did not have very much available that would suit us. Looks like we'll be having a trip over the water to Germany to buy from there, with our non existent language skills, though thankfully a friend Anne has offered to translate should we need it.

Thereafter, the plan is after the 3 peaks, we'll head up to Scotland for a few weeks. Heading back south for marindusktildawn, then getting a ferry and driving south until we hit the sunshine.

We'll see ?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

24 Hour bike riding and pushing......

Back from Sleepless in the Saddle or to be more accurate 24 hrs either in the saddle or pushing ones bike through the mud.

The race had started well, with a nice dry course. Come night time, the rain began. Large parts of the course turned into quagmire, which at first was quite amusing, though later was rather tiring.

Pic below shows the mud in action on Andy's bike

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A combination of the mud and a pebble bent my chainring which nearly forcing me to abandon. Thankfully a large rock and some brute force managed to rectify the situation.

Here's me at the finish. 24 hours and 48 minutes, 16th place and 17 laps.

Fixed gear of 38:18, though I could have done with smaller still.

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Results here

Pic taken during one of the pit stops, and not in the WW1 trenches.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To the Beach aka "Another Place".

Today me and the kids have been to the beach.

"Another Place" is the title of Antony Gormley's installation at Crosby beach.

We had a lovely time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 Hour solo bike riding

Enough of the house, back to bikes.

That nice man Pat Adams, has kindly reserved me a last minute entry for Sleepless in the Saddle.

For those not in the know, this means that from 2pm on the 12th of August through to 2pm ish on the 13th, I will be eating, not sleeping, and mainly riding my bike.

Sensible people do this sort of event in relay teams of 4 or 5. I and several others will be doing it solo.

The kids are going to Mary and Elliotts for the weekend, whilst Ann takes care of my catering, and shouting words of encouragement.

Remember the house ?

Seems like years ago now, but we do actually have someone who made an offer on our house.

Problem is, he has been somewhat slow getting his act together to organise surveys etc.

Anyway, after having his homebuyer's survey, he has decided that he also needs a timber survey. That is scheduled for this coming Monday.