Tuesday, April 25, 2006

As predicted.

More bike news. The Marin is no more, well to be more accurate, it's been stripped down and is lying in state on our dining room table awaiting a new home via fleabay.

I just couldn't get used to it. As reviewers elsewhere say, it might have 6 inches travel but it is no freeride bike, and yet, it is too cumbersome to make a really good XC bike.

So in it's place I'm buying the freeride classic, a Santa Cruz Bullit. 7 inches of rear travel and a sturdy frame too. I've got a pair of Pace RC40 Fighters for up front, and I'll just swop over the other bike bits that were on the Marin for now.

Here's the frame as advertised, picking it up on Thursday.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

How many Bikes ?

Those of you from STW must be wanting to know, what bikes we're taking ?

Well, I'm not 100% yet, but should be taking the Surly XCheck in fixed gear mode for speedy road miles, and crazy ascents of some of the Alpine cols.

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Off road duties currently are catered for by my Attack Trail, though this will most likely change in the next couple of weeks.

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Ann will be taking her geared crosser.

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Skye her tag along

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Tom will be riding in his Burley trailer like below.

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That should be enough ?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

1 Chicken, 2 Chickens, 3 Chickens......

Well I'm counting my chickens already. We've accepted an offer on the house so in 2 or 3 months we'll be out of here. Yipppeeeeeee